Rickeen Farms Ltd.,

In 2012 our farm becomes a “Century Farm” and our family will have been farming on this exact site for the past five generations. Dairy farming is simply “in our blood”. The application of technology on our farm has allowed our family to be far more flexible and enjoy freedom to do things we love to do off the farm as well.

Why do we farm?  It’s far  more to us then just our livelihood. We enjoy all aspects of farming  from focusing on animal health to the self satisfaction of being a provider to the food chain.”

Our  long term plan is to expand our herd and provide a foundation for the next generation. We will look to DeLaval for constant advancements.

Our VMS has been a welcome addition to our farm allowing for a completely automatic process. The cows find the VMS comfortable and safe. We enjoy watching the robotic arm go to work, prepping the teats and attaching each individual teat cup.  We never want to over or under milk the cows and thanks to the data the system gives this is never a problem. We receive milking history automatically and all the necessary information we need to attain this balance. “It’s healthy for the cows.”

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