Purple Rain Farms Ltd.

“I have always enjoyed dairy farming. I grew up dairy farming in Netherlands with my Father before coming to Canada in 1990. I can not imagine doing anything else.” Alphons says. We are “open minded” embracing the application of technology and the benefits it provides us.

The VMS system is easy to use and give us the ability to embrace our interest. “We now have freedom!” We are very concerned about cow comfort in our farming and the VMS allows for a safe and comfortable process for the cows. The Data we receive is accurate allowing us to know our cows are healthy and producing. “The cows win and so do we! It’s a win win for everyone.” Since having the VMS we have found its overall efficiency in save not just time and effort but cost-efficient yielding quality milk.

We believe in dairy products: Dairy, New Cheese, Multi Cultural influence. “Dairy farming is important to me because it gives us a good quality of life.” We are very proud of what we have and look forward to the future.

-Alphons and Kimberly Mulder

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