DeLaval Speaks at Coca Cola FEMSA Supplier Summit

Coca Cola FEMSA Supplier Summit

PETERBOROUGH, ON (March 15, 2016) DeLaval experts were recently invited to Mexico City, Mexico, to participate in a supplier summit for Coca Cola FEMSA S.A de C.V, the leading Coca Cola bottler. Though Coca Cola traditionally focuses on carbonated soft drinks, the summit, held earlier this month, centered on new technologies for value-added dairy items. Included in a joint session with sister company TetraPak, the DeLaval team discussed milk quality and dairy sustainability topics for producers as well as processors. The presentation illustrated the link between optimal hygiene, herd health and high quality milk production. It also alerted Coca Cola to the regulatory concerns of certain teat disinfection solutions. Specifically the team focused on Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs). NPE residue has been linked to environmental biodegradation issues and aquatic toxicity.

Presentation focused on milk quality, sustainability and processing technologies

Another component to the team’s discussion was the sustainability of DeLaval’s detergent offering for equipment disinfection. Focusing on cleaning solutions for dairy processors and producers, the team gave concrete examples of time, energy and water savings. They further demonstrated the associated financial benefits with DeLaval’s processing chemical innovations.

“DeLaval has more than 130 years of continuous innovation experience which positions us as the leading authority on milk quality solutions,” said Mario Lopez, Manager of Technical Service and Technical Marketing Tools for DeLaval, “We are happy to have discussed solutions to help ensure premium milk quality at a producer level. Our focus on sustainability means continually improving conditions to keep dairies efficient, labor costs under control, animals healthy and productive, our environment safe, and our communities sustainable and viable.”

DeLaval leveraged its extensive experience and presented innovative dairy processing solutions that also provide a reduction in time, energy, water and chemical consumption.  “The summit participants had a keen interest in our patented One-Step products and their impact on processing production capacity. This significantly aligns with their sustainability goals” said Alberto Guerrero, Delaval’s Managing Director for Local Sales Organization, Mexico “The benefits of our chemical innovations resonate with world-class processing companies and provide us with great business partnership opportunities.”

Coca Cola FEMSA delivers approximately 3 billion unit cases per year. The group entered the dairy industry in 2012 through the acquisition of key Mexican and Panamanian dairy companies. The company states that more dairy acquisitions are planned for the coming years. Though carbonated soft drinks account for 80% of total production, non-carbonated drinks, juice and water account for the remaining 20% and are expected to grow. 


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DeLaval is a worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions for dairy farmers, which make sustainable food production possible, warranting milk quality and animal health. Our solutions are used by millions of dairy farmers around the globe every day.

DeLaval was founded more than 130 years ago in Sweden, when the visionary Gustaf de Laval patented the cream separator. Today, DeLaval has 4,500 employees and operates in more than 100 markets. DeLaval, alongside Tetra Pak and Sidel, is part of the Tetra Laval Group. See more at 

PHOTO CAPTION: The team that presented at Coca Cola FEMSA’s supplier summit (from left to right): Mario Lopez, Manager of Technical Service and Technical Marketing Tools, DeLaval; Steve Harris, Director, DeLaval Cleaning Solutions; Alberto Guerrero, Managing Director for Local Sales Organization, Mexico, DeLaval; Rogelio Mares, Sales Manager, DeLaval Cleaning Solutions Mexico

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