MidiLine™ SG300

Efficient cluster handling

MidiLine™ SG300 is a cost-efficient batch system for milking sheep and goats. Swing-over arms in the middle of the pit mean that clusters are shared between both sides of the parlour.

Cost-efficient throughput

When all four animals in a group are milked, the cluster group automatically swings over to the other side of the parlour to milk the next batch. This gives very high throughput because the cluster is seldom idle. But flexibility is important too: one arm can be swung back if an animal is not fully milked out.

Easy and ergonomic handling

The swing over arms are height adjustable to help ensure optimal cluster positioning and milking. A safety system stops the arm if it encounters resistance. A simple user interface provides push button cluster operation, with an LED to inform you when the animal is milked out.

Your choice

MidiLine™ SG300 can be installed in any stalls. Combining it with sequence gate stalls gives particularly good results as this allows the MidiLine™ SG300 to economically reach the same throughput as a rotary system. All the milker needs to do is attach the clusters, while DeLaval take-off SG takes care of the milking.

The modular design of MidiLine™ SG300 lets you choose the level of automation you want, from the basic system up to a complete SG herd management system.

Fast and economical installation

MidiLine™ SG300 can be delivered pre-assembled and installed between milkings. This makes installation on the farm fast and easy. The system has been designed for an easy upgrade of MidiLine™ SG200 to MidiLine™ SG300 with automatic arms, for step by step investment.

Vital protection

For durability and reduced maintenance costs, all electronics and components are positioned high and dry, protecting them from humidity and dirt. The pit can be thoroughly cleaned with no risk of damage to vital equipment.

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