MidiLine™ SG200

This middle range solution is developed to facilitate easy access to MidiLine™ SG300 so that any dairy producer investing in a MidiLine™ SG solution today, has a fast, economical upgrade option tomorrow.

Reliable efficiency

MidiLine™ features a milkline with clusters in the middle of the pit, which serves both sides of the parlour. This makes throughput per cluster significantly higher, since the cluster is seldom idle when compared to a double milking unit.

Fit your needs

This standard solution has all the pipes fitted onto a quality double stainless steel C-profile using SS and plastic clamps. It allows different extraction and automation levels, together with different pipeline combinations since the system is not limited to four pipelines like the MidiLine™ SG100.

High quality

MidiLine™ SG200 represents an increase in quality standards on its components, from the SS profile to the clamps.

Simple installation

It has never been easier to install a milking solution or keep the milking pit clean.

This 100 percent DeLaval solution requires 20 percent less installation time than similar Low line systems and it can even be installed between milkings.

Top protection

To minimise maintenance costs, all the milking equipment is protected from humidity and dirt in a high, dry position. Moreover, the pit can be cleaned using high-pressure cleaners without damaging the equipment.

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