MidiLine™ SG100

This new generation of MidiLine™ SG milking systems, is specially designed for sheep and goat plants. It uses our trademarked parlour milking concept of positioning the milk line in the middle of the pit above the milker, to optimise throughput.

Strong and reliable

This is the first of three options in the MidiLine™ SG family designed by DeLaval to cover basic through medium level milking needs for sheep and goat. All the pipelines on this non-preassembled system are fitted onto a hot dipped galvanized support using galvanized and plastic clamps.

Flexible, inexpensive design

You can simply select the automation and clusters that best suit your operation from the wide DeLaval range - electronic pulsation or the new DeLaval take-off SG through to the well-proven DeLaval cluster TF100.

Simple installation and maintenance

It has never been easier to install a milking solution or keep the milking pit clean.

This 100 percent DeLaval solution requires 20 percent less installation time than similar Low line systems and it can even be installed between milkings. To minimise maintenance costs, all the milking equipment is protected from humidity and dirt in a high, dry position.

High performance

Throughput is 20 to 30 percent higher on the MidiLine™ SG100, than similar Low line systems. You’ll get excellent performance with this solution thanks to the combination of trademarked milkline positioning together with DeLaval cluster SG TF80 or SG TF100. Cluster idle time is minimised too and other details like 180º milk inlets or the SS hooks, help to get a constant vacuum supply with perfect cluster positioning.

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