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RTD delivers exceptional cleaning of milking equipment and cooling tanks at significantly reduced temperatures – something which is good for profitability and has less impact on the environment.

Core benefits

  • Cuts cost of cleaning process
  • Reduced temperature premium cleaning
  • Secures premium milk quality
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Eliminates water temperature problems
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Improves performance of rubber parts
  • Can be used with cleaning water that has only been heated by the sun

RTD is a revolutionary, patent pending, chlorinated alkaline detergent designed for use at all dairy farms. Unlike conventional detergent, that has to be used in combination with 75°C water to effectively clean milking equipment, RTD offers superior cleaning performance at around 45°C*. Moreover, it works equally as well regardless of water type, cleaning routine, or cleaning system.
Switching from conventional detergent to RTD offers a number of benefits to farmers, these include:
Reduced energy costs - obviously heating water to 45°C* rather than 75°C uses much less energy, in fact farmers with standard water heaters can reduce water heating costs by around 50%*.
Premium milk quality – laboratory and commercial farm tests have shown that RTD provides best-in-class cleaning results at 30°C*. A clean system facilitates premium milk quality.
Improved performance of rubber parts – reduced water temperatures put less stress on rubber parts which improves their performance throughout their lifespan.
Eliminates water temperature problems – as long as cleaning water with an end temperature of 30°C* can be secured, RTD is the ideal solution at installations where not enough hot cleaning water is a problem.
Reduces environmental impact – By using less energy farmers can reduce the impact on the environment. Moreover, those using solar power or heat recovery systems can cut out energy use completely for heating cleaning water.

*Figures will vary depending on cleaning method, heating system and base water temperature, among other things.

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