Optimat™ standard

Forage is loaded manually into the stationary mixer and then the system handles mixing, unloading and distribution automatically.

Optimat™ – standard

This solution provides automated mixing and distribution. You of course select the equipment that will best suit your needs. Feed is weighed, cut and mixed in one of our stationary mixers, the vertical DeLaval VSM or the horizontal DeLaval HSM. Feed is delivered to the feed table by a rail-suspended distribution wagon, DeLaval FS1600 or DeLaval RA135.

The only non-automated task is loading forage into the stationary mixer.

Horizontal stationary mixer HSM

1. Stationary mixer

This can be either DeLaval horizontal stationary mixer HSM (above) or DeLaval vertical stationary mixer VSM

Both mixers are available in a range of sizes and configurations. They all provide good cutting and mixing and are designed for heavy duty operation and long service life.

Optimate™ conveyor

2. DeLaval Optimat™ conveyor

Robust, built to handle the flow, it transports feedstuff quickly and reliably from the stationary mixer to the to distribution wagon. Equipped with rubber belt and heavy duty drive motor for durability and speed. The engine is protected by being built in to the conveyor. Sidewalls have been built up to eliminate spillage.

 Distibutions wagon

3. Distribution wagons

Optimat standard uses either DeLaval feed wagon RA135 (above) or DeLaval forage shuttle FS1600

Both these automatic forage distribution wagons feed you cows frequently, at the same time every day, with high accuracy. They can handle all kinds of cut and mixed forage, from corn and grass to a TMR mix.


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