Vertical stationary mixer VSM

Suitable for:

Your stationary mixer is the heart of an automated feeding operation. Reliable, robust and hard-working, it saves you lots of time and heavy labour. Coupled with the DeLaval Optimat™ system you can get full automation that turns feeding from a chore into a fast process.

DeLaval vertical stationary mixer VSM comes in four sizes, from 8 m³ to 24 m³.

All have mixing containers in high quality steel, and mixing gear designed for heavy duty operation and long service life.

Weighing and programming of the mixed ration can be managed on a stand alone system, or connected to management software.

A DeLaval vertical stationary mixer provides a good, fluffy feed mix within a short mixing time. The unique auger design in combination with the counter knives mixes and cuts even whole round bales and long straw.

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