Forage shuttle FS1600

Suitable for:

DeLaval forage shuttle FS1600 is a highly advanced automated forage wagon that enables effective and efficient delivery of well-mixed quality roughage/TMR. Forage is accurately distributed by an advanced string-feeding function. The system can be controlled on the FS1600 itself or by the herd management system. You simply program in the feed times, feed quantities, and the groups of cows to be fed, and DeLaval FS1600 takes care of the rest. All you have to do is ensure that the stationary mixer is loaded regularly, to keep the FS1600 supplied with the forage mix.

DeLaval forage shuttle FS1600 has a 1600 litre capacity. It is highly versatile as it can operate on both straight and curved rails and even with rail switches. So operating in complex narrow barns is no problem. The wagon operates on gel batteries and is designed with very few moving parts for high reliability and easy maintenance.

Technical data

  • Power: battery
  • Rail adaptations: IPE120 - IPE240
  • Rail height: 2.5 - 4 metres
  • Feed table width: up to 2.3 metres

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